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Aromalieve with Shelley Baker

Shelley Baker is one of only a very few qualified aromatic medicine practitioners in the UK…

Shelley Baker holds an Honours degree in biological sciences and has been a qualified practitioner of Clinical Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine for more than 15 years.

Accredited by the Institute of Aromatic Medicine, she combines her scientific training with a passion for the power of aromatic medicine, used alongside mainstream treatments, to help clients in difficult and stressful situations. During her career she has established aromatherapy as a highly valued element of patient care which is frequently utilised in a number of the more specialised departments within the health care sector. We approached Shelley to help us find a hollistic, non invasive solution to help eleviate patient nerves whilst within our dental environment. We have worked closely with Shelley and under her guidance and expertise we have been able to bring Aromalieve to you as an alternative to clinical solutions such as sedation.

Essential oils and therapeutic benefits

Shelley has a particular interest in the use of aromatherapy oils as a complementary treatment in tandem with conventional medicines, particularly for pain alleviation, including pain relief in labour and cancer care. Essential oils may also alleviate some of the side effects of chemotherapy.

Shelley has a private practice offering specialised treatments in Salisbury and undertakes work in nursing homes. She actively pursues her own continuing professional and product development as well as studies into complementary medicine, aromatherapy and the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. To Find out more about Shelley please visit her website by clicking on the link below.


Aromalieve Programmes Offered at The Barn

The Barn Dental Clinic and Shelley Baker Aromatic Therapy  are working together to provide an excellent and innovative solution for patients nervous about dental treatment. Where the relaxation benefits of aromatherapy are offered and available as part of your dental care to ensure you feel calm, positive and relaxed about every aspect of your care including your emotional health.


Your aromatherapy treatments are tailored to your specific needs during your dental treatment. The aim is to give you varying levels of aromatherapy support depending on what you need and some practical relaxation tips to help you stay calm and feel more in control. Shelley and The Barn staff work closely together to ensure you receive the best options at all stages of your treatment right from your first contact with The Barn.

How AromalieveTM Calm & Relax works

If you are about to have dental treatment it is natural to feel apprehensive, nervous or just plain scared. Shelley absolutely knows, that using essential oils to restore a sense of calm and control is not only hugely beneficial but it works. Aromatic Therapy can help you to relax, improve your sleep and stay calm. Use the oils daily through inhalation sticks (aromasticks) whilst applying some of the techniques in the “relaxation tips” worksheet and you’ll be on the road to feeling more serene. You may like to combine the therapeutic effects of the oils with a soothing massage to reinforce the sense of relaxation and positivity.


Calm and Relax programmes


Introducing Calm and Relax

To help keep you calm inhale the soothing aroma of the AromalieveTM “Relax” pure essential oil blend using an Aromastick. Instructions for use are provided and a ‘relaxation tips’ worksheet is included with email or telephone support from Shelley. £15


Keeping Calm and Relaxed

Book a call with Shelley (arranged via her PA, Lisa) to have a bespoke aromastick blended for you. Receive a copy of Shelley’s e-book and a 10% voucher to be used against treatments. £40


Calm and Relax with Massage

One to one support, including a consultation, bespoke essential oil products as necessary, ‘relaxation tips’ worksheet and neck, back & shoulder massage. £80


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