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A crown is an artificial restoration that fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape of a natural tooth.

Worn down, cracked or broken teeth can be entirely covered to aesthetically enhance, strengthen and produce tooth stability. A crown could be used for a number of other reasons, for instance you may like to improve the appearance of the tooth or you may have had a root filling which will need a crown to protect it. Also it may help hold a bridge or denture firmly in place.

Older crowns can sometimes look lifeless when compared to more modern materials and a black line may be visible at the crown/tooth junction, which can be made more obvious if the gum has also receded. Our modern crowns are natural, strong and durable. They can now be requested ''metal free' which makes them almost indistinguishable from natural teeth to the untrained eye.

The tooth being treated is shaped and prepared, under local anaesthetic so this is completely painfree. The dentist takes an impression and may fit a temporary crown for the two weeks it takes for the permanent crown to be custom made for you. When your crown is recieved back it is then bonded to the tooth with a special tough adhesive. We use the highest quality materials and the very best labratory to acheive amazing, natural results.  

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