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What are implants?

Missing teeth can often be replaced by implants. Implants act like roots of teeth, after they have been fitted and have healed in place, dentures, crowns or bridges may be attached to them. When dentures are held in place by implants they do not slip around. If crowns are fitted on implants they act like normal teeth.

There are various types of implants. At The Barn we use a trusted and widely recognised brand called Straumann for our implants. Straumann was founded in 1954 and now services are available in over 70 countries world wide. It is one one of the biggest selling systems worldwide and is state of the art.


How much do implants cost?

Implant pricing begins from £2377. This is the costing for a simple single tooth implant.

The only way to accurately establish the cost for an individual is to have a full consultation with your clinician, to provide us with an OPG and possibly CT scan. (your clinician will let you know if this is required). They will then endeavour to work closely with you to create a written estimate of costs with the best possible treatment plan for you.


During treatment fees may vary due to:

  • alternative procedures being required due to changes in the treatment plan

  • new treatments becoming available in the course of your treatment

  • treatment extending over a longer period of time than expected


We do have finance options available on any treatment over £250.


What are my alternatives? 

For people who have NO remaining teeth the alternatives are:

  • Complete dentures

For people who have some of their teeth:

  • Crowns and bridges supported by teeth

  • Partial dentures supported by teeth

  • Partial dentures supported by teeth

  • Bridges supported by teeth

During your consultation with your clinician you will be given all alternative options that are relevant to you.


What is a CT Scan and an OPG?

To plan the most suitable and successful treatment certain information is helpful. We will require you to go for an OPG before treatment planning can begin. An OPG is a large two dimensional image (x-ray) of the whole mouth. In some circumstances a more comprehensive three-dimensional x-ray evaluation using a CT scan may be requested to give greater detail of the shape of your jaws, sinus and nerve location. The CT Scan in contrast can provide life sized three dimensional information of all regions of the upper and lower jaw with precise measurements. This is very helpful for pre-operative treatment planning. In some cases the CT scan may also be used to evaluate the results of bone grafting procedures prior to placing implants. Our CT and OPG's take place at a city centre clinic, Chequers dental. OPG's are priced at £48 and CT scans are priced at £150. We will provide you with information of attendance should you need too.


What if I need other treatment?

Implants survive best in a healthy environment. Any tooth decay, gum problems or oral infections need to be corrected before implants are placed to give them the best chance of success. Sometimes treatment is needed before you are ready for implants. Treatment such as this are usually always detected upon review of your OPG. If additional treatment is needed it will come at additional cost. We will endeavour to clearly communicate and advise of any findings if they do so occur along with costing.


Will my current oral routine and maintenance plan change?

You will be required to attend regular examinations and hygienist appointments and this will be at the prescription of your treating dentist. On occasion this may increase from your current recommended recall and will incur further costing. We do offer monthly payment membership methods to help with this. If this is something you would be interested in please speak to one of the team. Your home care routine may change to include special brushing methods, flossing and the use of tepe brushes. Some gum treatment may be necessary.


What is it like having implants placed?

At The Barn we believe in pain free dentistry. Having implants fitted is not at all painful. We use local anaesthetics to ensure you are comfortable during your treatment. We also work closely with Shelley Baker an aromatic therapist. She uses essential oils to help control apprehension leading up to and on the day of appointment. If this is something you would be interested in please speak to a member of staff who would be happy to help you. Once implants are placed the after effects are usually mild and may include slight bruising, a dull ache and some swelling, the amount of which will vary from person to person and be dependent upon the number of implants placed. When choosing a date for implant placement avoid significant social engagements and work commitments for at least a week after. This is just to be on the safe side. Taking time off work is not usually necessary.


How long until I am able to proceed after an extraction? What is a bone graft?

Generally speaking Dr Weigt likes to leave the extraction site/s 3 months to heal after the tooth has been removed by your treating dentist. This enables the implant to be placed in a solid, healthy, sound foundation. It is natural phenomenon that after teeth have been removed the bone that once supported them slowly resorbs away, this occurs faster when prolonged gum problems have been present. The result is that there is sometimes not enough bone to support implants. If too much bone has been lost it could be possible to replace bone in the area. Depending on depth and area of bone loss will determine whether you will need additional bone to help solid the foundation priced at £200 (smaller areas) or whether you will need a bone grafting procedure priced at £750 (larger areas). Bone grafting generally increases the time taken to complete the treatment. Under routine circumstances where no bone grafting is required the implants are commonly ready to begin function between 3 to 6 months later. If the bone grafting can be undertaken at the same time that implants are placed then treatment is more likely to take 6 to 12 months. Where implant placement must be delayed until after maturation of the bone graft then the overall treatment may take 12 to 18 months.



What is a sinus lift?

It is very common to find that the softer bone in the area above the upper back teeth (molars and premolars) is very shallow and not suitable for normal implant procedures. To solve this problem a procedure known as ‘sinus lift’ was developed. Bone may be placed in the sinus spaces above your upper back teeth allowing enough space for your implants to be placed. (Bone grafting as explained above). As with other bone grafting procedures the implants are left for a time to become firmly attached to bone. Commonly a slightly extended healing period is chosen with an average of 6 to 9 months before a denture, crown or bridgework is fitted. However all bone grafting is unique to each individual and this information is for guidance only. Sinus lifting is a complex procedure and is priced at £900.


Will my treatment plan stay the same?

Despite the thoroughness of the planning extra procedures are sometimes required during treatment to produce the best results. It is important that in this event you accept that appropriate alternative treatment is performed at the time of treatment although it may be different to that already planned. This may incur additional costing but we will always ensure to advise before proceeding.


How long does the treatment take to complete?

This depends on the complexity of the treatment. Initially there is a treatment planning stage that may last a month or so. Then there may be some time spent on such procedures as improving gum health, removing any unsavable teeth. This may take anything from a few weeks to many months. After the implants are placed they are left to settle in place from 3 to 6 months. The final fitting of crowns, bridges or the attaching of dentures to the implants takes 1 to 2 months and this will be completed by your treating dentist responsible for your maintenance. The time depends on the individual situation. We will always try our best to give you as accurate a time scale as possible.


Can I bring my treatment forward?

It is important that you don't attempt to rush the treatment to try to advance the various stages faster than the time required for complete healing and maturation of bone and soft tissue. Even treatment that is well planned and executed can fail as a result of moving too quickly from stage to stage. If you do not have the time available then it may be more sensible to consider conventional forms of dentistry that can be completed more rapidly.


Are implants always successful?

Success depends on your body’s reaction to implants and your personal care of them. Whilst Dr Weigt has an exceptionally high success rate it is important to be aware implants can fail. Many factors can determined this such as gum disease or poor oral hygiene. Both smoking and heavy alcohol consumption reduces the survival of implants. If you think that either of these two habits could be a problem for you and your implants it may be advisable to avoid this form of dental treatment or accept the higher risk of implant failure. With careful planning, aftercare and regular maintenance checks your chances of success should not be jaded.


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