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Veneers are a custom made tooth coloured shell designed to enhance the appearance of your smile. Veneers can give you the smile you've always dreamed of enabling you to change the colour, size and length of your front teeth.

A fine layer of enamel, about 0.5mm thick, is shaved off each tooth being treated, under local anaesthetic so this is completely painfree. The dentist takes an impression and may fit temporary veneers for the two weeks it takes for the permanent veneers to be custom made for you. When your veneers are recieved back these are then bonded to the teeth with a special tough adhesive. We use the highest qulaity materials and the very best labratory to acheive amazing, natural results.

Our dentists have considerable passion and outstanding experience in placing veneers and they will give you plenty of time to discuss the various options available to you before commencing with treatment.  They will always endeavour to preseve as much of the healthy natural tooth tissue as possible.

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